Stillness- Embrace the change of Seasons

Stillness- Embrace the change of Seasons

This is a special time of year, where we can embrace the darker days and tune into nature's timeless cycles.

In the world right now it often feels like the loudest things are the ones that often get heard, and stillness is often pushed aside.

I wanted to share the message I received recently during a mediation, the word that came through was STILLNESS, the funny thing was that it was so loud and kept repeating itself so clearly that it was the opposite of stillness. Yet this was perfect, because so often it is the STILLNESS that is not given the voice, or heard, and yet it is exactly what is so important, it needs to be given a voice and be heard.

Why is STILLNESS so important? Because this is where we connect to the heart, when we allow the stillness, it gives the space that is needed for the true voice to come through.

But I live in somewhere where it is always noisy, it is never still, how can I ever find a place for stillness? If we look for stillness externally, we may be looking a long time, which is then going to feel impossible. But stillness can be found within, this is where we can find the treasure not out there, but inside.

Take time to dream Astrid Blake

And how do we do that?  There are ways, one I find useful is meditation, and it can be easily added to your daily routine. If you are interested to find out more, send me a DM or join my Take Time to Dream private group on Facebook where I share more on this and inspirations to connect with your creativity and wellbeing naturally.

Astrid x


Image credit: Stillness- Astrid Blake