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Introducing The Take Time To Dream Academy

Hello and welcome, I am Astrid Blake, founder of Alice & Astrid and creator of the Take Time to Dream Academy. I am passionate about helping you build your creative confidence, elevating your wellbeing, to live a more creative, joyful and fulfilled life. 


Start your journey TODAY with

Online courses designed by Astrid, inspired by nature,  Capture the Seasons, 5 days(per season) to connect with and capture the season's magic, elevate your creativity, intuition and wellbeing. Discover more here - learn more  This self paced course is the perfect to starting point in your journey. 

Capture the Seasons course with Astrid Blake, intuition, creativity and wellbeing

What will you gain

I share insights, inspiration, meditations and advice from my experience as ​

  • A designer-  how to source inspiration, on colour and visualisation techniques.

  • From my own personal healing journey- how to unblock paths to creativity, overcoming overwhelm and finding a calm place to tap into your own unique creativity, which in turn will to help enhance your life and wellbeing, the NATURAL WAY.

Personal Mentoring

To discover more about 1 to 1 mentoring, contact astridcblake@outlook.com for a free 20min chat. 

As a Creative Consultant and Mentor, I help visionaries pursue their passion and commercialise their creativity to put purpose back into their lives and find opportunity after adversity.

I do this by helping to tap into your innate capacity to heal and be guided by your own intuition, allowing your experiences to shape your inspiration and connect with your creativity.  The result, a feeling of true contentment and joy that is felt to your core.

I believe we are limitless, creative, humans who can make great changes in the world for the good of all human’s, creatures, the planet, and the universe. I believe we are beyond the limits of our minds and the constraints of fear created by limited thinking.
I believe we all have the ability to heal and are on a healing journey, that we are all linked and that if we recognise this, we don't have to struggle to achieve this.


Astrid x

Astrid Blake- Founder of Alice & Astrid and the Take Time to Dream Academy