Dressing room transformation- Astrid's home

Dressing room transformation- Astrid's home

Have you read my latest personal blog post? As a designer I share some of the essential signature foundations I use in creating a tranquil, timeless, comforting home, combing the use of calming and harmonious colours, textiles, pattern, lighting, decorative, hand crafted, collected and personal elements.

Astrid Blake interior colour scheme

Here's a peek at the colour inspiration and palette.

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I believe spaces we inhabit have the power to calm or excite, with this room I wanted to create a space which bridges our master bedroom, and the bathroom. I wanted it to act as cocoon or sanctuary, a place to transition from the dream state, before fully waking and refreshing the body and mind in the morning or reversely to relax and unwind before sleep in the evening. 

And of course every dressing room needs a dressing gown, how about the timeless Alice & Astrid full length silk satin robe in our sumptuous chocolate polka dot print, this I think adds the finishing touch and would look equally beautiful in any home. 

Silk dressing gown available to buy online 

Silk robe by Alice & Astrid


Astrid x