Introducing- New relaxing Eye Pillows

Introducing- New relaxing Eye Pillows

We are excited to add these gorgeous hand made, super relaxing eye pillows, crafted from Alice & Astrid's signature fabrics to our online boutique.

Perfectly timed for January and the New Year! If you are in need of some serious self care after a stressful Christmas try one of these beauties.

Designed to help soothe busy minds, and reduce mind chatter, relax and soothe with our luxurious 100% Silk Satin and Cotton Aromatherapy Eye Pillow. The filling is perfectly weighted with organic lavender flowers and organic seeds.  Lavender is both uplifting and relaxing to the senses. The silk is naturally soft and cooling to the touch and we have designed the cover to be removeable for hand washing.

relaxing eye pillow Alice & Astrid

Lie down and place the pillow across the eyes, it will mould to the contours of your face, blocking out light, giving gentle pressure, relieving tension, and calming the muscles around the eyes, making it instantly soothing, perfect for deepening relaxation and to help induce sleep.

Makes a perfect gift for someone who practices yoga, meditation or needs a moment of calm.

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Hand made in England in small batches.

Astrid x