December Inspiration

December Inspiration

Inspirational words from a great writer and fellow Norwegian.

Feeling Christmas Eve magic in the air now, that's the time we celebrate and Julenissen comes and delivers gifts 🎀

What gift can we give ourselves? The gift of stillness, where we can connect with unlimited creativity and wellbeing.

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Or you can take a 5 day mini course, Capture the Seaons- Winter, designed by me to help restore balance and feel grounded and inspired.

Why have I designed this course? I want to help visionaries discover their creative potential and overcome feelings of overwhelm and feeling stuck. 

I have lead myself on a journey of founding a luxury brand, consulting to and creating trends for multinational companies, and inspiring people to start their own highly successful creative businesses AND I have lead myself in own personal healing journey. My intuition is key to all I do, and now I lead others who seek the path to an elevated life, of freedom and unlimited potential. Take the first step here with me - Capture the Season- Winter course

And there will be more surprises and bigger things on the horizon for 2022, this is the first step, I can't wait to share it with you.

Astrid x

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