Vision boards- Mini Masterclass by Astrid

Vision boards- Mini Masterclass by Astrid

There is a lot of talk about Vision boarding and manifesting about right now.

What is it, why is it important? How can it help you in your business or life? Do you feel confident in using them? Are they just some pretty pictures put together randomly? I know they are a powerful tool for shaping the future.

If you planning new projects for this year, or what to refresh or elevate your work? Or make changes in your life. How do you start to bring your ideas to life? Do you use Vision boards?

Vison boards help in forming your ideas, your dreams into something tangible, making the invisible visible.  It is a steppingstone in the journey of bringing dreams to life, to tell a story which is born into the world, connect with others and hopefully making it a better and more beautiful place.

I will be sharing in my private Facebook group, knowledge gained from my professional experience in creating 100’s of vision boards on this fun and useful topic.  

I will be holding a mini Masterclass in the Take Time to Dream space soon, make sure you join so you don’t miss out!

There is something extremely special about creating using images, they connect to us in an unspoken language. We may interpret things differently depending on how our personal lens has developed, been influenced, but I do believe certain things are universally known on a deep level.

For now have look, at the very personal vision board I created last year in lock down, what does this say to you? What do the images bring to mind?

I’d love to hear, you can post your thoughts in the group.

Astrid Blake - vision board spiritual journey

As a creative consultant, part of my process is to source inspiration, gathered using intuition and research. For global trend companies, I then edit and curate into 5 to 6 boards at the start of a session.  A vision board is the lynch pin for ideas and inspiration a starting point, which then translates into mood boards which though further steps are curated until they become lifestyle products and services, we all buy.  It is also a tool I use when designing my own collections, for branding, and when working with clients shaping their unique visions into dream futures, I have created 100’s over the decades of my design career.

I will be sharing more insights on this fun and valuable topic, don't miss out join now 

Take Time to Dream Astrid Blake

 Look forward to seeing you there
Astrid x