Look after yourself- 5 tips for working from home

Look after yourself- 5 tips for working from home

If you are currently working from home now more than ever it is so important to look after yourself and share any tips on how to with others. Here are some ideas that keep me going as I work from my studio at home.  

Yoga-  take breaks to move the body when you can with simple stretches or fit in a Yoga session, one of my favourites is Yoga with Adriene, she shares videos on YouTube which you can select to suit your needs. Make sure you know what you can and can't do, I know my body's limits, I had a spinal fusion of my lower lumber spine over 20years ago after a ski accident so am not as flexible as some but it is essential to keep as much flexibility as possible going especially if sitting at a desk for long periods of time. I have a great local Dru yoga teacher Kerrie Murray from  The Yarm Yoga House  or you can find inspiration online , I also like Yoga with Adriene

Meditation -looking after your mind as well as your body is important. If you have not tried meditation before it can help in calming and helping anxiety, there are apps for example Calm to use. I have been meditating daily for over a year one simple meditation I use is Pink light meditation, sending love and compassion to yourself and others, your family, friends or anyone in need. It helps connect the heart without the need to actually be close physically. 

Creativity- making something with your hands instead of watching TV can be both relaxing and a satisfying way to spend some free time, there are so many ideas, have a go at whatever takes your fancy, there might be something you use to love that you haven't done since school or have seen but haven't tried yet, painting, drawing, colouring, knitting, sculpting, sewing, embroidering, weaving, pottery, making gifts, cards, cooking, baking cakes, bread or simply cooking a wholesome soup, the list is endless when you start looking.  There are many YouTube tutorials to watch for tips on how to start something new. It doesn't have to cost lots either, think of recycling an old jumper by boil washing it so it felts and then upcycling into a new cushion for an example. Head to my personal blog for an easy no sew creative project, you can do with your children at home Astrid Blake Blog

Nature- take time to connect with nature, if you are able to get outside, go for a walk, enjoy looking at the trees, clouds passing in the sky, colours and textures of plants and flowers, listen to the birds, feel the wind on your face, warmth of the sun or chill of the air, engage all the senses and let natures natural rhythm slow your mind. Stand still and feel your body ground to the earth. If you are not able to get outside chose to bring plants into your home, grow seeds in pots on windowsills, use these as inspiration to draw from.

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I love taking photos or sketching from nature, it is a vital and fun part of my design research process.  It might be a good time now to go through any photos you have collected, revisit them and edit down if you can't get outside right now, the memories of those moments will bring you back to that special time or place.  Inspired by Nature -  Photography & creative workshops by Astrid, find out more here Astrid Blake, creative workshops

Connect - make time to connect with family and friends, if a coffee meet up is not possible, take time to send a text, email or even better call someone for a chat. It is all too easy to put it off until a less busy time, but when does that less busy time ever happen, or think you know what's going on by checking social media but I find making time for a call is far more rewarding and personal. 

Sleep is key too, see the tips in our guest Journal post from health coach Ali Mortimer from Heal yourself Happy in our blog post for more on this. Beautiful, natural nightwear helps too! And don't forget to eat well and keep hydrated with water and herbal teas.

These 5 simple things I find essential to keeping going when working alone for long periods of time as many freelancers or small business owners do. I hope they are inspiring and of help to you too. 

Take care


Astrid xx