Rituals- Salt water bathing

Rituals- Salt water bathing

Have you missed travel this year, holidays by the sea? I am missed my summer trip this year to our cabin on the south coast of Norway, we spend most of the time in the sea and Fjords, you may think it is cold but the sea has the benefit of the Atlantic drift and can be over 20 degrees sometimes. If it is colder, I find it invigorating and my body starts to acclimatize to it. If you have heard of Wim Hoff, you may already know about the benefits of cold water. Not only is it fun but the sea has wonderful cleansing and healing properties, we always come home feeling totally cleansed and revitalised.

This is because of the aura cleansing properties of the sea water. One of the best and most enjoyable ways to do a salt water cleanse is by swimming in the sea.

But salt water cleansing doesn't have to be only in the sea, you can create you own at home in the bath.

So why a bath? It can provide a relaxing and tranquil form of selfcare. When you immerse yourself in a ritual bath, you are participating in an initiation to open yourself up spiritually, it combines to tie in body and spirit.

A simple way is to try a salt water bath, and by adding saltwater, you can gain even more benefits for your skin. The benefits of this is that salt (good quality) helps repair damaged cells, stimulate blood flow, and provides for a general detox. Bath salts such as Epsom salts are also an option as these contain other minerals that benefit the skin such as magnesium potassium.

Steps to creating your own Salt water cleansing bath

Space- make sure you won’t be disturbed for at least an hour.

Setting - optional: light candles (natural soy wax aromatherapy candles, are Rest & Restore blend are a good option) or incense or play relaxing music. Use what intuitively makes your aura feel lighter.  

Water- fill your bath with warm water (don’t make it too hot) The level is up to you.

Salt- add 2-3 good handfuls of salt. It is important to use a good quality unprocessed salt, such as unrefined sea salt or Himalayan salt. (Do not use regular table salt, as this has added anti-caking agents and has been refined, which removes beneficial minerals).

Senses- optional: add a few drops of pure essential oils for aromatherapy purposes. Lavender is a good choice, as it will also help you to relax and unwind, and is generally safe. A love to use Doterra oils for their purity. 

Time- soak for about 20-30 minutes. While you do so, make it your intention to let go of all negativity and release any energy that you no longer wish to carry, or that is not for your highest good.

Dry- For the best results, air dry when you get out of the bath. You may use a towel for your head and put a robe on, but do not towel dry. If possible, don’t take another shower or bath for 24 hours.

Take a saltwater bath no more than once a week, once a month may be the perfect amount of time in between.

By following these steps you’ll be able to not only remove negative energy spiritually, but you’ll give yourself a enjoyable physical detox from any build up of toxins your skin might have accumulated.

Nightwear- You may wish to then add a fresh nightwear to complete the ritual a cotton nightshirt or silk robe, natural fibres will feel better on the skin than man made and even help you sleep better.


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