Colour story

Colour story

Our hand made nightwear collections start with a story,  much thought and time goes into bringing together all the elements that make up these timeless lounge wear pieces.  Fabric selection and quality are key. From our inspiration boards colours are carefully chosen and interpreted into the silks which are dyed and printed in England.  They are not bought off the shelf or mass produced.

Astrid is a trained textile designer and passionate about colour. With extensive experience working with silks she intuitively knows what works in this beautiful medium. Colour can bring joy, add warmth, calmness and happiness to our hearts.  It is something that is personal and speaks to our subconscious.

Nature provides inspiration. Here in North Yorkshire, where our studio is based we find nature on our door step, but were ever you are, nature will be peeking out from somewhere, ever changing she is waiting to be spotted and noticed!

In this photograph taken by Astrid the water reminds us of the smooth fluidity of the silk in our collections. The soft and deep natural palette of colours are harmonious to the eye as too are the shades of our silk dressing gowns seen here. Colour and inspiration - a gift from nature to us - translated into pieces for you to enjoy in your personal space and home. 

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