Who decides what colour we should buy?

Who decides what colour we should buy?

Who decides what colours we should buy? And have you ever wondered what colour forecasting is? Who comes up with the colours we see in the shops, who gives us these choices? How are these decisions made? Working in trends and with colour for over two decades I have been asked these questions many times. For me it is second nature and probably why I imagine that everyone else knows this, but it is something that requires a mix of skills.

The Mix

Skill and experience- an eye for colour and a curiosity about almost everything is key. My training in textiles gives me a solid foundation to work from, along with my passion for colour, however colour forecasting also requires knowledge and practise in psychology, sociology, anthropology, marketing, art and design history and critical analysis.

You can find out more about the process of colour forecasting head to my personal blog here

Alice & Astrid is about timeless design, which is style lead rather than trend lead. Colour is a personal choice, it has a magical effect, it speaks to you, no words needed. If you are looking to purchase a gift for someone but not sure which colour they prefer there is the option of purchasing a GIFT CARD, this way they will be able to select for themselves the colour that sings to their heart.

Which colour is catching your eye? 

luxury silk dressing gown for her by Alice & Astrid

 There is something special about how of silk and colour combine, it has a radiant effect, a depth and beauty, that is one of the reasons I love working with and wearing silk.

Astrid x