Which Q would you chose?

Which Q would you chose?

Alice & Astrid values quality in design, fabric and style. It comes down to how you feel and connect with what you consider important in all things.

Here is a Question, if you had to choose which Q to join, the Quality or the Quantity queue which one would you pick? Would you go for Quality over Quantity or the other way around?

Does it depend on what it is? Here are a few suggestions.

Time with family and friends

Type of friendships

What you consume, clothes, food


I know what I which Q I would join, I would go for quality x4 and the best part is that  you can have a unlimited quantity of LOVE as well!

Want to know how?

Silk dressing gown made in England

Silk dressing gown, hand crafted in England

The key to this and other inspirations, on creativity and wellbeing, will be part of what I will be sharing in the Take Time to Dream space, why not have a look? And if you would like to be part of the private Take Time to Dream space send me an email,, doors opening soon!


Astrid x